Top Electric Strimmer Reviews 2018


Choosing Your Next Garden Strimmer: Electric Vs Petrol

When it comes to figuring out the best device to buy to strim your garden, there are many different factors that you need to take into consideration. For starters, you need to access the area that needs trimming. If the area is covered in very tough grass and woody weeds with thick stems, you will most likely need to opt for a petrol strimmer. This is because a petrol-powered device will have a more powerful motor and be unlikely to overheat and cut out when tackling tough areas of growth.

Drawbacks of Petrol Strimmers

One of the main drawbacks of petrol strimmers, however, is that they can be very bulky and extremely noisy. If you require a more lightweight device that is easier to handle and store, you should check out some of the latest cordless electric strimmers to hit the marketplace. These devices offer the benefits of cordless operation without the extra weight of an onboard petrol motor. What’s more, the runtime of cordless devices has increased quite a lot in recent years due to vast advances in rechargeable battery technology.

Benefits of Petrol Strimmers

The popularity of corded electric strimmers is decreasing since such devices have many drawbacks. For example, they require access to an outdoor power outlet and their cords can be a major tripping hazard. Perhaps one of the main reasons such devices continue to sell is that they offer unlimited runtime as they are always plugged in. In addition, they don’t produce any onsite pollution, unlike petrol strimmers, which emit toxic fumes into the air.


If you are not sure which type of strimmer will best fit your use case, you might want to watch some “how to strim your garden” video tutorials on YouTube. By watching these videos, you can see for yourself the pros and cons of various strimmers from a range of manufacturers.